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Subject: FW: The nomination of Leonard Peltier for the Nobel Peace Prize
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 12:52:52 -0500

If anyone knows someone qualified to nominate Leonard, as described below,
please contact Ward Dossche (he lives in Belgium)with a CC to me and to

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Subject: The nomination of Leonard Peltier for the Nobel Peace Prize


I do not have to enlighten you on the case of Leonard Peltier but request your help in an issue related to it.

My friend Harvey Arden (former National Geographic writer and long-time Leonard Peltier activist, editor of Peltier's book "Prison Writings - My Life Is My Sun Dance" as well as the author of the upcoming book "Have you thought of Leonard Peltier lately?" also visit www.HaveYouThought.com) and I are preparing the nomination of Leonard Peltier for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The deadline is approaching real fast (postmark of Feb.1st on the letter, this coming Sunday) and I'm in search of people who could actually sign the nomination and send it off to Oslo in Norway. The issue is that not just "anyone" can nominate, there are strict categories and these are:

* members of national assemblies and governments;
* members of international courts of law;
* university chancellors; university professors of social science, history, philosophy, law and theology;
* leaders of peace research institutes and institutes of foreign affairs;
* former Nobel Peace Prize laureates;
* board members of organisations that have received the Nobel Peace Prize;
* others that are irrelevant at this point

My question to Becky and Ken is if the Blackfeet College in Browning qualifies as "a university" or depends from one and has "professors of social science, history, philosophy, law and theology" among its faculty. Please interprete this quite broadly, if there would for example be a professor teaching a course on 'Indian Religions' (I don't know if there are any such courses) then that would qualify and even be quite appropriate. If you see anyone in your neighbourhood that is approachable and in a position to immediately respond then please let me know by lightning-speed as you understand time is now a critical factor (I had hoped I could have counted on my friends in the local Green-party here with elected representatives and Senators but they obviously are more concerned with upcoming elections ... at the end of next May).

Becky, can you please show this to Dan as I know he worked with Indian inmates and as I recall visited and worked with Leonard at Leavenworth, Kansas.

John, the same question goes to you as you're living in the university-town of Missoula. Can you trace down real quick, or do you directly know, people that qualify as nominators? If you do and we're still OK in time then please let me know.

Alan, I hope you haven't changed e-mail again <smile>. How's life there in Georgia? If you have ways of helping Harvey and me to find one or several qualified people to send-off this nomination of Leonard Peltier for the Nobel Peace Prize nomination and hopefully take a shot at thoroughly embarrassing the US Justice system's prejudice against North American Indians then please let me know. I'll make certain to mention you in the story that will appear if and when we should succeed in our endeavours.

Give my love to the whole family, those that I know, those that I don't know and especially to your mam in Browning. Dan, take care!

Heartfelt greetings from Belgium,
Edward Dossche

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